2014 Speakers

Pam Reed is one of the most dominant ultrarunners in the world, with her athletic feats spanning well over two decades, and counting. Pam has come in first place overall in the world-renowned Badwater 135 mile race through Death Valley in back-to-back years. Pam was the first person to run 300 miles nonstop without sleep. She has also broken the American record for a 24-hour track run. Pam is also an author and race director of the Tucson Marathon.

Pam Reed

Ultrarunner & Record Holder

Ray Zahab is an ultrarunner and founder of impossible2Possible, where he educates and inspires youth to reach beyond their limits and promote social and environmental action. Ray has taken on some of the most challenging expeditions, including trekking across the Sahara Desert by foot in 111 days while raising awareness for the water crises in Africa. His feat was the subject of the documentary Running the Sahara, produced and narrated by Matt Damon.

Ray Zahab

Ultrarunner & Mountaineer

Marshall Ulrich is an author, motivational speaker, and one of the leading ultraendurance athletes in the country. He has completed over 120 ultramarathons (averaging over 125 miles each), finished 12 expedition-length adventure races, and climbed the Seven Summits on his first attempts. He was the first to circumnavigate the 425 mile trek around Death Valley National Park. He has also conquered the over 3,000 mile run across the U.S. from San Francisco to NYC.

Marshall Ulrich

Ultrarunner & Mountaineer

Dr. David Horton is an extreme ultrarunner, race director of over 75 ultras, professor of exercise science at Liberty University, and motivational speaker. Dr. Horton has run across the U.S., won the Hardrock 100 miler in its first two years, set the speed record for the Appalaichian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, and completed the self-supported 2700+ mile Tour Divide mountain bike race. To date Dr. Horton has run over 113,000 miles.

Dr. David Horton

Ultrarunner, Race Director, & Professor

Cason Crane is a long time triathlete and mountaineer from Princeton, NJ. He founded the Rainbow Summits Project, an initiative to raise funds and awareness for The Trevor Project, a suicide a crisis prevention service for LGBTQ youth. In climbing the Seven Summits, Cason raised over $130,000 for The Trevor Project. Cason has been featured on CNN and other major news outlets. Cason currently attends Princeton University.

Cason Crane

Endurance Athlete & Rainbow Summits Founder

Terry Laughlin is the founder of Total Immersion, a revolutionary swim technique and worldwide brand. Terry has been a coach for over 40 years, and has completed many endurance feats, including two 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Swims. He has broken national records in the 1-mile and 2-mile cable swim, and has National Masters Open Water championship titles in four distances. Terry is also a bestselling author, and resides in New Paltz, NY.

Terry Laughlin

Ultraendurance Swimmer & Total Immersion Founder

Shane Eversfield is the founder and head of coach of Zendurance Cycling. An ultraendurance athlete, Shane has an extensive history competing in a variety of endurance events, including a two-time finish in the Hawaii Ironman, Ultraman World Championship, and the Virginia Triple Iron. Shane is a Total Immersion Master Coach and Triathlon Specialist, and is the author of "Zendurance" and several articles in triathlete magazines.

Shane Eversfield

Founder of Zendurance & Ultraendurance Athlete

Nate Helming is a competitive triathlete, owner of Helming Athletics, speaker, and author of numerous articles. As an endurance coach, he has worked with Olympic-level cyclists, professional triathletes, junior elite mountain bikers, and national-level ultra runners. Based out of San Francisco, Nate also works works at San Francisco Crossfit. Recently, Nate launched The Run Experience, an online running coaching community.

Nate Helming

Endurance Coach

Carl Paoli is the founder and head coach of Naka Athletics, responsible for launching GymnasticsWOD.com - the largest database online for gymnastics training for Crossfit athletes. Carl grew up in Spain where he competed across the country for over fifteen years, along the way garnering the National Gold Medal for Valt. Since then, he has continued to work with top athletes around the world, including coaching the Crossfit Games female winner Annie Thorisdottir.

Carl Paoli

Gymnastic Coach & Author

Matt Fitzgerald is an award winning journalist and bestselling author of over 20 books on endurance sports and nutrition, including Brain Training for Runners and Racing Weight. One of his most recent books, Diet Cult, takes a critical look at many of the current popular diets. Matt is a running and triathlon coach, as well as a certified sports nutritionist, serving as a consultant for a variety of sports nutrition companies.

Matt Fitzgerald

Best-selling Author, Nutritionist, & Coach

Dr. Nicholas Romanov is a best-selling author, elite coach, and sports scientist, and was a competitive athlete for over thirty years. Dr. Romanov has garnered worldwide fame for developing the Pose Method, a revolutionary way to run using gravity as a leading force in human movement. He has worked with elite athletes including members of the Olympic teams of U.S., Great Britain, Russia, El Salvador, and Russia.

Dr. Nicholas Romanov

Founder of the Pose Method, & Elite Coach

Toby Storie-Pugh is a mountaineer and founder of Expedition Everest, where he is raising funds and awareness about global sanitation issues while leading the first Kenyan climber to summit Mount Everest. He also founded Flying Kites, a school for orphans in Kenya. Toby has accomplished a wide range of adventure feats, and has recently launched Advencha, a company leading expeditions around the world.

Toby Storie-Pugh

Mountaineer, Adventurer, & Social Entrepreneur

Chris Moore is a writer, coach, and blogger. He’s host of The Barbell Buddha Podcast, and cohost of Barbell Shrugged, a weekly podcast devoted to strength, health, fitness, and all things brash. His experience is drawn from over twenty-years spent training for and competing in American Football, powerlifting, a bit of strongman, and a dash of mixed martial arts.

Chris Moore

Coach, Author, & Cohost of Barbell Shrugged

Mike Bledsoe is one of the founders and owners of Faction Strength & Conditioning Home of CrossFit Memphis. He is a cohost of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast and Barbell Business Podcast. He has a degree in Exercise & Sport Science. He has also competed in powerlifing. Mike continues to coach elite athletes and devotes his time to bettering other people.

Mike Bledsoe

Powerlifter, Coach, & Cohost of Barbell Shrugged

Doug co-owns Faction Strength and Conditioning in Memphis and is a co-host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast. He also fights for Memphis Judo and Jiu Jits and has an extensive MMA background participating in a number of fights. Doug recieved a masters in Exercise Science, writing his thesis on the science of fish oil. Doug also runs an online workshop for atheletes to better their technique and form for all movements.

Doug Larson

MMA Pro, Coach, & Cohost of Barbell Shrugged

Kelvin Gary is a coach, blogger, and owner of Body Space Fitness. After majoring in engineering, he recieved an MBA from NYU Stern. Kelvin is a Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, Kettlebell Athletics Certified, and Functional Movememnt Specialist. He has also done various cycling races for charity.

Kelvin Gary

CPT, Coach, & Owner of Body Space Fitness

David Dorfman is a multisport coach, endurance athlete, cancer survivor, and founder of Cancer Athletics. David has since done numerous endurance events, including several Ironmans and ultramarathons. David attended Boston University, followed by NYU Law School, and has been an attorney in Elder Law for over 20 years. David is a USAT certified Level 1 Coach, Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, and Certified Personal Trainer.

David Dorfman

Coach, Cancer Survivor, & Endurance Athlete

Gillian Grant is an 11 year survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, accomplished endurance athlete, ambassador for Team in Training, and mother of three. Gillian and has completed 10 half marathons and one marathon with Team in Training raising over $75,000. She has also completed the 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer three times raising over $25,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.

Gillian Grant

Endurance Athlete & Cancer Survivor

Diana Bianchini is the Founder & Creative Director of Di Moda Public Relations - a creative strategies firm based out of Beverly Hills. As a PR Specialist and Philanthropy consultant, she has worked with numerous celebrities and high-impact philanthropists. Diana is involved with numerous nonprofits and social enterprises, including serving on the Advisory Board for The Good News Foundation, and as a Board Member of The Arthritis Foundation.

Diana Bianchini

PR Specialist & Philanthropist

Matt Moniz is one of the most accomplished young mountaineers, recognized by National Geographic as an Adventurer of the Year in 2010. He completed the record for the ascent of the highest points of all fifty states in the U.S. His charitable efforts include the 14 Fourteeners in 14 Days climb that in 2009 raised $20,000 for the Iain Hess Breathe Easy Fund, bringing awareness to the issue of Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

Matt Moniz

Teen Mountaineer & Advocate

O’Neill (OJ) Bergeron discovered yoga in 1956, and continued to use yoga to improve his athletic performance in running, wrestling and power lifting. He has been sharing his love of yoga and improving the lives of others for over 20+ years now. He teaches those from a wide-range of backgounds, from elite athletes to seniors. He specializes in Vinyasa Yoga in English, using no props and allowing students to become self-aware at their own rate.

OJ Bergeron

Yoga Instructor

Jerry Yoo is a physical therapist and triathlete, with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Masters from UMDNJ and Columbia University. He is the owner of Maven Physical Therapy and is a leader in the field of dry point trigger needling. He is also the founder of Maven Action, a community-based fitness program changing lives in the community. Jerry serves as an adjunct professor for the doctoral program in physical therapy at UMDNJ as well.

Jerry Yoo

Physical Therapist

Dr. Greg Combs is director of Sport Management at Methodist University and serves as a consultant for elite military personnel, coaches, cyclists, and triathletes. He caught the triathlon bug while serving in the U.S. Army Rangers in 1984, part of over 30 years of competing in endurance events. At the same time, he worked extensively with athletes with physical challenges and mentored visually impaired athletes for the 1996 Summer Paralympics.

Dr. Greg Combs

Elite Coach, Consultant, & U.S. Army Ranger

Nicci Schock is Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner of ELEVATE by Nicci. She's been a competitive athlete her entire life, most recently focusing on endurance triathlons and marathons. Nicci helps athletes of all levels understand metabolic efficiency and implement the strategies, so that they can lose weight, change body composition, recover faster, and perform to their potential.

Nicci Schock

Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist

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